Selected apps for freelancers

Here’s a quick skip through some of the apps I’ve found useful for freelance business: not exhaustive or necessarily the best, but what I’ve found works (easily).


I’m a slightly reluctant Gsuite (Google Workspace) user, however its interconnectedness and online nature does have many advantages. gives a discount on email addresses to match your domain. Kiwi links separate accounts together in a desktop interface, but sadly it seemed to slow down my laptop far too much and I had to uninstall.

Secure cloud space is needed for backups – Google’s free offer isn’t that large at 15Mb, Google One offers various amounts of extra storage at a cost.

Googlemeet, Zoom and Skype are familiar to most as video meet apps.

FreeUp offers freelance help to outsource tasks (as recommended by Sarah Townsend in Survival skills for freelancers).

Website, while being one of the most popular DIY website hosts, isn’t always that easy to use. However, there are useful guides online and many other freelancers who can help.
WordPress premium gives discounts for utilities such as Gsuite(Google Workspace) and Fiverr for logo design.


Where to start! My favourites:

Ideas and to-do lists: FreeMind, Miro mindmaps, Trello board (in columns for me), Padlet (as a virtual post-it board).

Productivity: Mind Tools, BlockSite

Editing: Grammarly and PerfectIt (PerfectIt is most useful for consistency checks)

Bibliographic management: EndNote (but not EndNote 20, due to its backwards incompatibility), Zotero

Social Media

In addition to the main channels, there is a host of apps that connect them or provide the means to generate, edit and schedule posts. I particularly recommend the TechPixies free training, guides and cheat sheets, for getting started in business social media. List building training seemed less useful for B2B.


I’m deliberately not attempting to cover this important area. In light of hacker attention towards the increased number of home workers, it makes sense to use measures including a private VPN, antivirus software, cleanup software and a password protector.

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