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Since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, public health research has taken centre stage

However, chronic disease topics have remained important

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De-escalation from public health emergencies

Searching to support a rapid scoping review for a European public health agency: a welcome opportunity to road test new Covid literature databases such as LitCovid. Client publication is available here.


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Global hygiene initiatives

Helped establish the scope for, then execute, the literature search for a rapid review. The end client was a global public health research agency.

The scope was very broad, so the focus was on systematic reviews and multi-country initiatives. Sources included a wide range of public health and development agencies, PubMed, Cochrane Library and Client publication is available here.

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Workplace mental health

For a project for a leading not-for-profit research organisation: an exploratory search for evidence on buddy-support for people not previously diagnosed with mental health problems. PsycInfo (APA interface) and Google Scholar phrase searches were the most productive sources.

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oncology drug pricing

Data extraction of prices for a range of oncology drugs, from European national drug pricing and literature sources; to contribute to a white paper for a health research consultancy.

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Patient engagement in apac countries

Copy-editing and reference formatting project, to complete a white paper for a pharma end-client.

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Medical microbiology

Proofreading a PhD thesis on a medical microbiology topic.

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Non-communicable diseases

Copy-edit and bibliography formatting, for a white paper for a pharma end-client.

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Covid-19 testing

Rapid review of the literature for an evidence assessment for a national screening agency. Included translating the Ovid Medline epidemiological Covid-19 search to the database.

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implementation of school canteens

Copy-editing a white paper for a global aid agency end-client.

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